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What are Telecom services?

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Telecom services are defined as services provided by a communication company that offers voice and data services over a large area. Some of the commonly used services are mobile phones, wired phones, internet, televisions and networking for business and homes. The basic service of telecommunication was landline phones. Now there are many different types of services exists. Wireless systems and data services are available with a variety of vendors. Some telecommunication services are offering televisions now with higher bandwidth speeds.
The advent of internet offered the telecommunication companies to upgrade networks, install fiber optics and other equipments needed to connect users to the internet at higher speeds. Hence broadband internet access is now one of the most popular telecommunication services. The private network services include provision of wired or wireless telecommunication link between specified points for the exclusive use of the client. The pricing points differ from one area to another and also for business which may require more lines and bandwidth.

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