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  • What are Chinese traditional garments?

    The garments which are traditionally worn by Chinese people are called Chinese traditional garments. Chinese men and women commonly wear only traditional garments during religious occasions, ceremonies and festivals. Chinese traditional clothing...

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  • What are woolen gloves?

    Woolen gloves are skin friendly in nature and also have soft texture. It has shrink resistance in nature. It comes in wide range of designs and colors.

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  • What is Hose Pipe?

    Hose pipe is a flexible hollow tube that is designed to carry liquid or gas from one location to another. It is usually cylindrical in shape and is made from one or more combination of different materials such as nylon, polyethylene, PVC, synthetic...

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  • What is Air Freshener?

    Air Freshener is a chemical that spreads fragrant air in the surroundings. It is used throughout the home especially in restroom and living room. Sprays, candles, oils, gels, beads and plug-ins are types of air freshener. It contains formaldehyde,...

    13-Jun-2016 In Chemicals & Dyes Post By : Bizbilla Admin View Details