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  • Give a list of Fiber Crops?

    The list of fiber crops are segregated in two types: 1. Stem skin fibers: Jute, flax, hemp, Indian hemp, kenaf, nettles, ramie and hoopvine. 2. Leaf, fruit or other fibers: Cotton, bamboo fiber, cotton, papaya, bowstring hemp, esparto, ...

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  • What is a rubber?

    A rubber is a tough elastic polymeric substance. Rubber is harvested in the form of latex from certain trees. The latex is a sticky milky colloid which is refined as a rubber. Rubber is used separately or combined with other materials to manufacture...

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  • What is agriculture pest control service?

    Agriculture pest control service is an essential service done for both farmers and ranchers. It is the process of reducing or removing the pests or insects from the farms. They are delivered through ground-spraying or crop-dusting. Genetic engineers...

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  • What are cobbles, pebbles and pavings?

    Cobbles, pebbles and pavings are naturally occurring rounded stones that are actually small in size typically used for paving, architecture or landscaping regardless of shape, size and texture. They are both versatile and durable, obtained from...

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  • what is the difference between b2b and b2c?

    B2B is business to business, ie. Business between buyer and sellers in business, b2c is business to customers. Business between a retail business to customers. c2c is business between customer to customer.

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  • What are environmental and pollution tenders?

    Environmental pollution is the unavoidable hazard that is spreading fast. Due to the industrial development and modernization of the society pollution became uncontrolled. There are a number of projects and measures announced by the government to...

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  • What are Water softeners and purifiers?

    Water softening process is the removal of calcium, magnesium and other minerals from the hard water since they create disturbances on plumbing fixtures, pipes and hot water heaters. Water purification process is the removal of contaminants such as...

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  • What are Medical and Surgical Clothing?

    Medical and Surgical Clothing are the clothes and the things that are worn by the surgeons, nurses and doctors. These are named as scrubs. Surgical clothing should be in a way that prevents bacterial or viral flow into the air in operation theatre...

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  • What are Chemical Stocks?

    Chemical Stocks refers to the chemicals and chemical products that are stored in industry for future purpose and are taken out when there is a demand or need. Stock solution is used for preserving the materials and it reduces the storage space.

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  • What are baby walkers?

    Baby walkers are devices that are used by children who are in the walking stage or in other words they are used to train the baby for walking in their own. Baby walkers have small seat that could hold the baby in their standing position and wheels...

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  • What is frozen buffalo meat?

    Frozen buffalo meat is that which are frozen under particular temperature to retain its freshness till it is used for cooking. Also frozen buffalo meats are free from bacteria since it is maintained at a particular temperature.

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  • What are biometric fingerprint scanners?

    Biometric fingerprint scanners are devices which use fingerprints of a person to authenticate or recognize a person. There are two basic types of fingerprint scanners such as dynamic and static. Fingerprint consists of number of ridges and valleys...

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