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  • What is cast iron?

    A ferrous alloy which has been heated until it liquefies and is then poured into a mould to solidify is called as cast iron. It is a hard, relatively brittle alloy of iron and carbon which can be readily cast in a mould. Cast iron is usually made...

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  • What are patches?

    A piece of material or cloth designed to fix over a torn or weak portion of a fabric or clothing are said to be patches.

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  • What are jewellery findings and components?

    Jewellery findings are key element in any jewellery design. From the most basic head pins, eye pins, jump rings, toggles and clasps. Also more advanced specialty components, it is the beginning blocks in the foundation of any jewellery making...

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  • What is Timing Pulley?

    Timing pulley is a specific class of pulley that contain toothed members similar to spur gears. Teeth on the pulley is provided for a positive, non slip rotational drive system. Timing pulleys allow for a large amount of design flexibility.

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  • What is Detergent?

    Detergent is a chemical substance that is used to clean and purify organic soil or oil from products. It is compound that reduces interfacial tension betwixt two liquids or between liquid and solid. It is available either in the form of powder or ...

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  • State the difference between Agricultural Tools and Equipment.

    The difference between agricultural tools and equipment is stated as: • Tools are the hand held objects that we make use of it in day to day situation when we face a problem in general and the objects that we use it in manufacturing of any...

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  • What is a Natural rubber?

    It has high tensile strength and fatigue resistant from wear such as chipping, cutting or tearing. They are medium resistant to heat, light and ozone in air. It cleaves well to steel cord and hence it is good to use in tires.

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  • What is agriculture weed control service?

    Weed control offers many opportunities for agricultural service companies. It involves a wide range of techniques. Weed control methods can be majorly classified into five categories. They are • Preventative weed control • Cultural weed...

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  • What are composite pipes?

    Composite pipes are made by the combination of two or more materials to form unique and superior material pipes that refers to reinforced plastics. They are broadly used in plumbing works for the transmission and distribution of the potable water.

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  • How to export my products to south Africa?

    To export your products to South Africa or to any other country first you need a valid export-import license (IE Code). Check the products that you manufacturing have proper standards. If you have identified a Buyer in South Africa you shall ask...

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  • What are export and trade tenders?

    Export and import process of a country determines the economic status of the country. In India the export and trade is one of the major contributor for stable GDP growth. There is a large number of export and trade business opportunities are...

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  • What are Wine refrigerators?

    Wine refrigerators are made especially to store wines in perfect temperature to be served with a great taste every time. Wine is stores at about 55 degree Fahrenheit. So it retains it taste even after a long time. Wine refrigerators are quite...

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