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What are the essential parts of the automobile?

What are the essential parts of the automobile?

• Frame and body part – The frame part provides a rigid platform upon which to mount everything else. The body part protects the passengers from heat, dust, hot air or rain. • Drive train – It is the heart and muscle of the automobile. They include engine, gears, wheels and tires. • Control system – The system that controls the movement of the car such as accelerator and brakes. The suspension is also important. • Fuel system – Energy should reach the engine to move the vehicle on the road and that’s in the form of gasoline in a tank. • Electrical system – Advancement in technology led to the addition of starter motors and batteries to start the vehicles and generators to keep the battery charged. • Interior – It contains not only the seating and storage areas but also the control parts for driving. Basically a speedometer, fuel gauge and engine temperature standard will be there. Some of the modern vehicles include entertainment and navigation system which includes LCD screens and audio players.



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