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What are the hardware components of computers?

What are the hardware components of computers?

• Mother board – It is the main component inside the system. It connects all other parts of the computer such as CPU, RAM, hard disk and any peripherals connected via ports or expansion slots. • Storage devices – Data is stored in the storage devices. A computer system involves primary and secondary storage devices. RAM, compact disks and hard disks are some of the storage devices. • Input devices – User gives information to the computer by using the input device. It may be keyboard, mouse, webcams, joysticks and scanners. • Output devices – It is the display unit where information can be viewed in a readable form. Output devices include monitor, printer and speakers. • Removable media – USB port is installed in the system to transfer data from other source into the system using a removable drive such as pen drive, DVD drive, flash drive and optical disks.



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